Type of Land: Plantation
Listing ID: SD052204
Land Status: Freehold
Location: Sanda, Pupuan
Land Size: 35 are (3,500 sqm)
Price: IDR 17 million / are
Total Price:  IDR 595,000,000 (± USD 40,000)


A productive plantation with mostly coffee, bananas and durian.

The plantation is located about 2 kilometers northeast of the village of Sanda, at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level on the slope of Mount Batukaru. The upper-half of the land used to be rice fields and is fairly flat, while the second half of the land is terraced and gradually slopes down to a small river. The land offers spectacular views over the green river valley and plantations on the other side.

The land is accessible by car via a good traditional 2-track concrete plantation road and is bordered by other plantations and a small clean mountain river.

The land is perfect for a seclude home or small retreat or resort. There are very nice hiking opportunities in the area, direct from the plantation.

Piped water can be connected. There is no electricity yet, although in the near future the area is likely to be connected to the PLN power grid.

Note: Although the land certificate mentions 35 are, the actual size of the land is most likely closer to 45 are. Upon request the land can be re-measured.


  • Direct car access.
  • Piped water can be connected.