About Pupuan

about pupuan

Pupuan lies on the slopes of Bali’s second tallest mountain, sacred Batukaru, in central Bali. The area around Pupuan offers a spectacular scenery all around and is one of the most authentic Balinese rural areas, almost undisturbed by growing tourism. At an average altitude of around 700 meters above sea level the air is fresh and cool. Nights can even get chilly and air-conditioning is not required.

Most people here are farmers, living from their plantations, rice fields and farms. The ancient Subak water irrigation system distributes fresh and clean mountain water year-round across the valleys. Pupuan offers some of Bali’s most spectacular terraced rice field scenery, surrounded by plantations and forest, where you still find undiscovered waterfalls and little sacred temples.

The soil on the slopes of the extinct volcano is incredibly fertile and supported by the climate makes Pupuan an excellent place to grow a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. Avocado, durian, mangosteen, oranges, papaya, bananas, vanilla, cacao and pineapple are all widely grown here, but Pupuan is most famous for its excellent quality coffee.

Organic farming is on the rise and the area is also one of Bali’s cleanest, with lots of good initiatives to keep garbage under control.

Pupuan is also a paradise for those loving the outdoors, with an enormous network of small plantation roads and trails to explore, either on foot, bicycle, bike or 4×4 off-road cars.
Spread around Pupuan you’ll find a small collection of unique boutique accommodation, ranging from tents, cabins and farmhouses to villas and traditional Javanese Joglos.