Type of Land: Plantation
Listing ID: SD112304
Land Status: Freehold
Location: Batungsel, Pupuan.
Land Size: 40 are (4000 square meters)
Price: IDR 20 million / are
Total Price:  IDR 800,000,000 (± USD 53,000)


Great isolated plantation at the end of a plantation road a few kilometers northeast of Sanda and southeast of Batungsel, on the slopes of Mount Batukaru. Perfect for a secluded home in nature, with great views over a lot of mature trees and a densely covered small river valley, with terraced rice fields just on the other side of the small road and great open views of Mount Batukaru.

From one corner of the land you have views over the rice fields and Mount Batukaru.

The plantation has a lot of large trees, including durian, coconut, gloves, coffee and banana trees, as well as trees for wood production.

The electricity network is not far away and can be connected. The plantation can be accessed by car, but the las part of the access road is quite rough and needs some improvement work. Considering the relative low price of the land this should not be any issue.


- Plantation with large mature trees, a real jungle feel.

- A fairly large plantation shack.

- Electricity can be connected from nearby.

- Access by car, but the road needs some work.

- Terraced rice fields next door, and great views over Mount Batukaru.



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